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Garth Sunset Hill Fort.jpg

Let there be light

and the light was good
illuminating all things and life became a tapestry with art the core



Studied at Manchester College of Fine Art /Brighton College of Art and Design, obtained Honours Degree. A passionate lifelong adherent to individual “enlightenment”  my artistic journey reflects an inner analysis of the creative process behind art and life merging traditional classical/atavistic/subliminal and intuitive elements.

The truth of ‘art’ lies in its universal enjoyment for artists and viewers alike. In this relationship, the former has the opportunity to elucidate the codex hidden within the work. It is a privilege to share with the observer the culmination of my search for  answers as an artist, shaman and human being.

I currently live on a smallholding using the environment as a pallet and nature as a medium in token to the majesty of life.


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